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We call them HUCKELBERRIES because they are purple. And since there are a lot of lady shooters we also make them in pink, and we call them PINKELBERRIES!    I have been shooting them here in Phoenix since May and have had good results even with the average temperature this summer of 105. They leave a very large mark and I have noticed I can shoot more rounds without having to clean my long gun.  So I can shoot more and clean less, I can handle that!                                  

We have put a lot of time, effort and money into developing a quality wax bullet............so you can destroy them! We appreciate that, in fact we encourage this type of behavior.                                                                                               Give them a try!    

$13.00 per 500 - $25.00 per 1000   

    Call or email: 602-482-9758   cjleatherwork@yahoo.com               



Here's my latest 2 Miniature Bohlin Saddles. A total of 1106 pieces of hand engraved solid Sterling Silver by Silver King.  There are a lot of other pictures on the miniature saddles page.

Thank you for visiting my new website. I will try to keep updating this site with pictures. Most of the pictures are of item that have already been sold, but it will give you an idea of what I can do. I make full size and miniature or "Salesman Sample" size saddles, chaps, gun rigs, spur straps, belts and other leather work along with custom Silver engraving.

 If your interested in a custom made belt I have many patterns to choose from on my "Your Belt Patterns" page. The bottom picture is the measurement I will need to make your belt. You are not limited to these patterns and I will be adding other patterns from time to time. 

I was lucky enough to win both "Champion Saddle Maker" and "People's Choice" Sadldle Maker in the voting for 2009.

In the 2010 Art of the Cowboy Makers contest I won "People's Choice" saddle Maker with my latest saddle          "Comin' For Ya". More pictures of this saddle on the full size saddle page.


More pictures on the Silver Engraving page!

Our holsters for Cowboy Fast Draw. My wife's with a full floral rose pattern belt and holster with a custom engraved buckle. (Trying to keep ma happy) 
Mine has a full floral holster for my 7 1/2" long gun.

My new bullet box for Cowboy Fast Draw. These can be made to order to fit on your box!
Anyone interested in making the wood boxes?

Cowboy cuffs I use while shooting.

Custom flight bags.
I do a lot of binders and have other pictures on my Custom Leather Work page.

Here's a custom, glass covered table top that is 19" across.
I'm asking $600.00 for the table, glass and custom tooled leather.

One of my Miniature Saddles, custom made with their brand.


Another custom miniature using an original full size saddle as the "model".

A full floral buscadero gun rig with miniature spur straps.
Also two pair of full size spur straps.

  I also attended the GRS silver engraving  school in July 2007. So I will be adding picture of my silver work as I get more experience.

A custom buckle that went to Japan.
Shipping cost on this was $0.00 because he come by and picked it up in person!

Custom three piece buckle set.

 Here's my John Wayne Tribute Saddle. There are alot more pictures in the Jonh Wayne Tribute section.

 Here's a matching full size and miniature saddle set. I used the exact same pattern on both saddles.  

 A custom binder featuring the S.D. Meyers bull and with a few color tricks for added effect.

 And I guess it wouldn't be much of a website unless I put a picture of my grandson on it. My little buddy, Cameron. 

Child labor laws? You have to start 'em young! Nobody can test a horn covering quite like he can.